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Polish manufacturer of modular houses

Our company is located in the northern part of Poland, where we work according to the highest European standards. We are distinguished by an individual approach.

MDomy is Cooperation

MDomy is a brand
consortium of WASA TRADE Sp. z .o.

We build high-class wooden modular houses in a specialized production hall (near Malbork).

Our houses are made "turnkey" in 30 days, are ready for transport throughout Poland and abroad. Assembly takes place in 24 hours. After connecting the utilities, the house is ready for our client.

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Relationships built on trust


MDomy.pl Budujemy Domy Modułowe

The benefits of having a modular home

Modern houses made of prefabricated modules are a developing technology of suburban construction. The construction of turnkey prefabricated houses does not involve the use of heavy equipment and does not require the laying of a heavy foundation. All this is beneficial for the client, as it significantly saves time and money. With a small weight, an expensive foundation is not needed to install modular houses. The simplest surface foundation from blocks on an even area is enough.

The prefab house consists of standard factory modules, they are assembled on site as soon as possible, and if necessary, they can be quickly disassembled and transported to another site. A collapsible or mobile home (prefabricated house) can be used as a temporary, full-function apartment during the construction of the main house, and then rented, etc. Therefore, prefabricated houses receive only favorable reviews from the owners and are constantly gaining popularity in the Polish market.

Full quality design


Construction acc. Customer project

We build according to own projects, but it is also possible to build a house according to customer project.

If you are interested in the valuation of your building in modular construction, please contact us by e-mail or by phone. When sending an inquiry, please answer our questions.

Information required before the project valuation:

• Are you building for yourself or someone, privately or for a company?
• Do you have land ownership or a multi-year lease?
• What are the requirements of the local land development plan?
• Do you already have a finished house plan? If so, which one? (building plan)
• Do you already have a building permit?
• What are you interested in the condition of the building upon delivery? (e.g. SSO, SSZ, Deweloperski, Pod Klucz)
• What is the expected date of building acceptance?

Are you interested in our offer?

Contact us for a project quote or consult details.

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