Polish Manufacturer Of Modular Houses

Manufacturer of Prefabricated Modular Houses

MDomy is a brand
consortium of WASA TRADE Sp. z .o.

We build high-class wooden modular houses in a specialized production hall, where we work according to the highest European standards.

We are located in the northern part of Poland (near Malbork) and we build houses all over the country and abroad. We are distinguished by quality and individual approach to the customer.

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Modular Houses

L Summer resort

40 m ²

Price: 175 000 zł

Persons: 4-7

Modules: 2

Moduły: W pełni wykończony i wyposażony

Domek Model “L” – wykonany jest z dwóch modułów z tarasem, łącznie ma trzy pokoje i łazienkę. Posiada 40 m² powierzchni całkowitej zewnętrznej (brutto) i 33 m² powierzchni wewnętrznej podłogi (netto).

H Hotel

35 m²

Price: 152 000 zł

Persons: 4

Modules: 1

Moduły: W pełni wykończony "pod klucz"

Domek Model “H” – Całoroczny na zgłoszenie. Wykonany jest z jednego modułu z dodatkowym tarasem, łącznie ma dwa pokoje z łazienkami i korytarz z aneksem. Posiada 34,6 m² powierzchni zew. (brutto) i 26,34 m² powierzchni wew.(netto).
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Advantages of Prefabricated Houses


Lower production cost

Modular construction does not require laying a foundation and the use of heavy equipment. In comparison to traditional construction, it turns out to be up to 40% cheaper.


Individual approach

We will adjust both the interior of the house and the facade material to your needs. Thanks to this, you will feel that your home is unique.


Comprehensive execution

Each MDoma modular house has the entire electrical and plumbing installation ready for connection on your plot.


Fast execution

The houses are built as a whole and are ready for transport and installation on the plot after a month. Installation on a plot usually takes from 1 to 2 days.


Leasing for companies

Thanks to the leasing support, it is easier to get a modular house for your business and start to reap its benefits faster. This is a great offer for companies from the accommodation and tourism industry.



Thanks to the advanced production technology and high-quality materials, we are sure that modular homes will serve for many years.

MDomy.pl Budujemy Domy Modułowe


About production of modular houses

The technology we use in the production of modular homes allows us to create a turnkey home in just a month. Our company is ready to design and build a modular house of any functional complexity, in any region of Poland. We work efficiently and never sacrifice quality for speed.


Houses Built For People



Polish manufacturer of modular houses

Our mission is to help every person, every family, regardless of income, in becoming the owner of their own modular home. We have a production hall that is advanced in terms of production, equipped with the latest devices that allow to significantly shorten the production time of modules.

MDomy.pl Budujemy Domy Modułowe

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